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Hi, I'm Mathias

I am the founder, developer, designer and support of Teamhub
Originally from the South of Germany, I have been a Hamburg resident since 2020
Since 2012 I am a full-time software developer and have been working for numerous big companies
In 2017, I developed a club management system for a non-profit organization in Frankfurt, Germany which automates the recurring tasks of the club: Membership management, collecting fees and donations, sending newsletters, generating receipts, etc.
This is the origin of Teamhub, which is now used by many clubs. My customers appreciate that Teamhub does not have an offshore call center, but they talk directly to me, and I solve their problems individually
Software development is my great passion: for Teamhub I write the code, create the design and answer customer inquiries
To automize your club management, contact me here:
mathias@teamhub.de    |    0176 4335 4026